Food and art enjoy similar places in the heart of the people. Both are signs of civilised living, both are meant to be appreciated and loved. It’s for this reason that Dubai’s restaurants are growing rather fond of showcasing and different works of art every so often. A meal in the city now offering more than just the usual three courses, you get a spot of art appreciation thrown in for good measure.

It’s certainly an idea that the city’s restauranteurs are taking seriously, which can only be a good thing for us. Antoine Jaillet, GM of La Petite Maison told us, “You can only fully understand a work of art when you’ve eaten next to it, danced next to it and lived next to it.” You owe it to yourself to enjoy a lavish meal as soon as possible, just to see if her words ring true.


La Cantine du Faubourg

Nadine Kanso

Zakirah by Nadine Kanso

French restaurant La Cantine goes beyond the usual eating experience, offering elements of art, music, and light to give you a fully-rounded experience. Until June 7, it will showcase the latest collection by Lebanese artist and founder of jewellery brand Bil Arabi, Nadine Kanso. To keep things fresh, and ensure a different experience each time you return, the restaurant will feature a new artist every two months.

La Cantine du Faubourg

Red Curtain by Nadine Kanso


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Luis Chumpitaz

Oceanic by Luis Chumpitaz

Latin American hotspot Coya has kicked off the new year in style, not only introducing new dishes to the menu and pisco making master classes, but also by featuring an an art installation too. The work of internationally-acclaimed Peruvian artist, Luis Chumpitaz, it will remain until April, with the next artist to be exhibited being announced next week.

Luis Chumpitaz

Artist Luis Chumpitaz

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Mediterranean restaurant Boca is currently on the upcoming DIFC Art Night’s ‘Art Night Trail’, and for the occasion will showcase the work of Bahaa Souki, an emerging Lebanese artist that experiments with photography as a form of art complementary to painting and printing. The exhibition begins on March 16, and will feature for two months before another artist is exhibited.

Boca Dubai

One Arm Man And His Dog by Bahaa Souki


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La Petite Maison

Jonathan Seliger

Chanel by Jonathan Seliger

To celebrate Art Week, La Petite Maison will highlight the union between art and food with their Art a la Carte exhibition. Showcasing the work of both New York pop-artist Jonathan Seliger and Canadian photographer Douglas Kirkland. Seliger is known for his giant handbag sculptures, whereas Kirkland rose to fame after a shoot in 1961 featuring Marilyn Monroe.

Coco Chanel Dubai

Coco Chanel by Douglas Kirkland