In another positive step towards normality, Dubai visa holders were able to start travelling back yesterday pending approval of their ICA application. However, there is now a new form you have to fill in before booking your flight.

We know applications can be a little fussy but the good news is the latest form, that can be found on the General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs (GDRFA) website, is a lot more straight forward.

If you’re flying with Emirates – who by the looks of this video can’t wait to see you on board – they have a link on their website under ‘Flying you back to Dubai’.

This form only applies to Dubai resident visa holders, if you are travelling to other emirates you still have to fill in the ICA application.

Your travel checklist

Once your application has been approved, you need to use the Resident File Number from the form to book your flights. Make sure to bring the approval with you to the airport.

You must complete and print the health declaration form and the quarantine undertaking form and present them to the Dubai Health Authority staff when you land.

On arrival

You will be tested for coronavirus and will have to self-isolate until you receive your results. You will also have to download the Alhosn COVID-19 app.

In addition, you must sign a declaration form that confirms that you either have health insurance that covers coronavirus treatment or will cover the costs of any treatment if needed.

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Feature Image: RIMOWA Instagram