With glistening skylines, rich cultural heritage and beautiful structures, Dubai has always been a popular hotspot for visitors from around the world constantly going beyond tourism itself.

While Dubai has been positioned as the commercial hub for tourists, its mission is to become a world-leading destination as it continues to revive the economy through the pandemic.

Amidst the ongoing battle against COVID-19, the safeguarding visitors has been the main priority for tourism boards the globe-over, but Dubai especially has been recognised for its efforts by the World Tourism Organisation.

“Dubai deserves recognition for pro-actively working to keep both tourists and tourist workers as safe as possible,” the Communications Department Chief of the UNWTO, Marcelo Risi, told Gulf News. “Tourism creates jobs and promotes economic growth.

“And tourism delivers best when managed in harmony with people and the planet. Indeed, the current absence of tourism shows how important and relevant the sector is and how it touches on almost every part of our societies – from hospitality and leisure through to arts and culture as well as economic wellbeing.”

As the Dubai prepares to host Expo 2020 – which is taking place a year later than planned due to the pandemic – the importance of safety and wellbeing of residents and tourists will be at the centre of the conversation.

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However, with the nationwide vaccination drive in full swing and stringent health and safety protocols which have been implemented from the beginning, the UAE and Dubai will ensure their visitors are the top priority.

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