We’re pretty sure this means the future is here now.

Dubai isn’t short of impressive places to call home, or of amazing pieces of architecture. We’re host to the literal tallest building in the world, so you know we mean it when it comes to towers.

This latest one is on another level, though. According to architects Dynamic Group, Dubai will be home to a shape-shifting skyscraper by the time of Expo2020.

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Set to top out at 80 storeys, the Dynamic Tower will be made up of individual pre-fabricated apartments which can be voice-controlled by those inside. They’ll be attached to a central column which hosts necessary items like elevators, electricity supply and water pipes.

That means you’ll be able to take in the sunset and sunrise from the same couch – just rotate your whole apartment to the west when it’s time for a sundowner. Sat down watching TV and can’t see because of the reflection from the windows? Why close the blinds when you could simply move your entire flat out of the way?


It all sounds a bit science fiction, but Dubai is undoubtedly the right city for that. Even cooler is the fact that the tower will be self-powering, with wind turbines between each floor and solar panels on top of each unit.

Here’s an interview with the man behind the tower, David Fisher.

The firm haven’t yet decided on a location for the tower, they do say the build is set to cost arount Dhs1.2 billion. Yikes.

It’s likely these won’t be the most affordable new-build apartments in the UAE, but where else can you pick your own view depending on your mood?

We’re thinking there’s enough fans of the new and unusual here that the developers won’t have any trouble selling these apartments.

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Images: Dynamic Architecture