Flying out of Dubai soon? Read this before you do…

Dubai International Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world. Just how busy, you might ask? Well, it’s gearing up to welcome more than one million passengers over four days next week.

The peak period at DXB is set to kick off on Thursday. But the real surge in passengers is expected from July 5 to July 8, when, according to airport authorities, 1.1 million passengers are expected to make their way through the airport.

Most schools and colleges in Dubai break for summer next week, which explains why so many people are wasting no time in escaping Dubai for a holiday.

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If you’re one of those planning to pass through the airport over the next two weeks, don’t stress. This being Dubai, there’s some next-level technology that’s been put in place to make sure that it can handle that incredible number of passengers.

For example, you can use your Emirates ID at the Dubai airport to walk right through the Smart Gates and skip the lines at passport control on your way out.

If you’re flying with Emirates, you can even use a service that allows you to check-in from home. A representative from the airline will come to your home, weigh and tag your bags, scan your passport, issue you your boarding pass and take your bags and check them into the flight for you — all this up to 12 hours before the actual departure.

If you get there early (as you should), we’ve got some recommendations to keep you occupied. As What’s On Dubai reports, there’s a free 10-hour music festival starting at 7pm on June 28 at Concourse B, C and D, headlined by British folk musician Newton Faulkner.

Prefer instead to eat your way through the time spent waiting for your boarding call? Visit the all-new Emirati restaurant, S34 Gahwa Mezze Bar, in Terminal 3. Sambousek and kibbeh fans, take note.

Eugene Barry, Executive Vice-President Commercial at Dubai Airports, has some valuable tips for flyers. “The message to anyone travelling over the busy time is simple: plan your journey, arrive at the airport early and make the maximum use of your time here before you depart from DXB this year.”

We’ll definitely second that advice.

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