You’re going to need one of these in your spring wardrobe…

We all know slogans are going to be huge this season, based on the massive response to Prabal Gurung’s feminist T-shirts at New York Fashion Week.

But these local creations have particularly caught our eye.

Hind Adib, a Dubai-based, Iraqi-born designer, has just launched a range of vintage denim jackets which have been transformed with bold statement prints.

The jackets are part of the designer’s ‘X’ collection, which, as her website explains, represents empowerment, independence, and self-love.

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“While the world around us tells us how we should think and who we should be, the X is a symbol of crossing off everything and everyone who’s ever made us feel like we are not good enough, we are incomplete or that we lack the things that make us ‘perfect’,” Adib says.

Let the X cross off all of the energy drainers in your life, whether they come in the form of other people, or your own self-doubting thoughts.”

The jackets feature inspiring slogans like “I’ve got my own back”, and a picture of a pair of boxing gloves with the words “like a girl”.

Adib graduated from the prestigious ESMOD fashion school in Dubai, and soon after started introducing her designs through her blog, Hind’s World.

Her latest collection has created quite a sir, and even American rapper G-Eazy was spotted wearing one of her signature ‘X’ jackets at RedFestDXB this month.

Fashion that makes a literal statement – we love it. Hind Adib is going on our “ones to watch” list.

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