With TikTok becoming a popular social media platform, certain skincare and beauty trends have gone viral.

While some of these trends may seem like genius skincare hacks, some of them could be doing harm to the skin.

From slugging to DIY lash lifts, we take an in-depth look at all these popular fads to avoid as the results can be more harmful than expected.


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Emirates Woman speaks to Dubai-based expert Dr. Shadan Naji, a dermatologist at Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic on all the skincare fads to avoid, especially those seen across various social media channels such as TikTok.

Sunscreen contouring

@teachermclaneJust put the sunscreen on all over! #sunscreen #fyp #tiktokmademedoit #sunscreenchallenge #sunscreenqueen♬ original sound – Christa Clair McLane

While following in the steps of LA model Eli Withrow, millions of her fans across the globe have been trying this sunscreen hack to naturally contour portions of their face.

Dr Naji says: “Even 10 minutes in the sun without adequate protection can cause skin damage, aging and have a major impact on the possibility of developing skin cancer so I always recommend using sunscreen.

“An SPF of at least 30 is recommended but ensure your chosen sunscreen is broad spectrum and protects against both UVA and UVB.”

DIY lash lifts

@jennyyy.znot gonna lie… i’m kinda proud of myself #fyp #foryoupage #lashlift #eyelash (also if you’re seeing this it means tiktok is working??)♬ FINALLY a minute long version of this – ⚡️Coisedmeme⚡️

As at-home last lifts have become a new recent activity for one to try, this professional procedure must be left at the hands of an expert. As the eyes are regarded as one of the most sensitive areas, it’s always best to know the ingredients and quality of products that shall be used as specialists have always exercised extreme caution with anything going viral online as these short-term hacks might end in long-term damage. As per Dr. Shadan, not using the right ingredients may result in a loss of lashes, while taking a long time for them to grow back. While the serum applied might be detrimental to your natural lash growth in the long run.


Shaving the face – also known as dermaplaning – has become a popular trend. While it’s claimed to help exfoliate the skin, helping makeup apply more smoothly on the skin, not many are aware it actually removes the outer keratic layer of the skin, which has a role in preventing the external stimuli that comes from environmental sources damaging our skin. As per Dr. Naji removing it can leave your skin vulnerable to breakouts, giving you an overall thickened and rough feeling. Rather than dermaplaning, she advises using an anti-ageing cream with vitamin A derivatives that exfoliate the skin, leaving it clean, smooth, and without any marks.


This new process of sealing your skin with a petroleum-based product, such as vaseline, has been popularized on TikTok to aid it with hydration. Dr. Naji notes how Vaseline can create powerful moisture to protect the skin, as she recommends it to her patients who have dry skin as well. However, she highlights how it should only be used on specific areas such as palms, soles of the feet, knees, elbows while avoiding it on the face except for the lips.

Homemade face scrubs

Whether coffee granules or sugar scrubs with baking soda, your skincare routine needs to be carefully looked after, as it can often disrupt the PH levels of your skin. Dr. Naji highlights how certain materials in high concentration can cause breakouts, irritation and even lead to eczema, as skincare should be bespoke to the individual, taking into account their specific skin type and skin concerns. It’s always best to check with a dermatologist to ensure that the ingredients you plan to use will actually benefit your skin, rather than exacerbate it.

Overall, Dr. Naji advises that while certain trends and hacks which go viral on social media may be tempting to try, it’s best to avoid rushing into trying them. As it’s essential to be guided by a skincare expert as they understand the products that work best for you. As there are numerous patients, Dr.Naji has experienced herself who have come for acne and pigmentation which has been triggered by cosmeceuticals.

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Feature image: Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio