As a new year begins, several people are embarking on a new journey filled with positive affirmations and fitness goals. For this month’s issue, some of the most incredible women we know tell us what they will be investing in to optimise their 2022 in our Life 2.0 section.

Known for her sartorial fashion choices and aesthetic feed, Nisa Tiwana is always empowering her audience and is always passionate about what she brings to the table.

Emirates Woman spoke to Nisa about what makes her feel confident and what she shall be investing in this year to move towards her goals.

What will you be investing in for 2022 to optimise your life?

This year, I’ll definitely be investing in an Apple Watch as I’m looking to limit my screen time and that would also help me get away from my phone. As I want to focus more on fitness, I shall be investing in a personal trainer as I need the motivation and the dedication in order to stay consistent. I’m also looking into investing in a Chanel bag, it’s one of those pieces that are timeless.

This is The Confidence Issue – what makes you feel confident?

I feel like confidence is something within you and comes from what you carry in your mind. Growing up I struggled with insecurities, as I became older, I started to become more comfortable in my own skin and this has given me confidence.

How can we support others to feel confident?

We should compliment each other more when we appreciate something. I used to shy away and avoid doing that in the past but now I make sure I stop and compliment even if I don’t know the person. I feel like spreading positive energy this way would support and make others feel more confident.

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