Dubai has announced a series of updated COVID-19 precautionary measures, with the easing of some restrictions.

In an announcement from Dubai’s Supreme Committee of Crisis and Disaster Management shared by the Dubai Media Office, the series of changes would take effect from May 17, 2021.

The latest update from authorities states that live entertainment and activities will be permitted in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls for a trial period of one month, which could be extended.

Meanwhile, the public must continue to observe social distancing measures of two meters and the wearing of face masks is also still mandatory.


Restaurants are now allowed to increase their seating capacity to 10 people per table. In coffee shops, six people per table is permitted. Bars are also permitted to reopen, with it being mandatory that all staff have the COVID-19 vaccine as well as customers.


Wedding events are now permitted with a capacity of 100 people at venues and hotels. Attendees and staff must have been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, weddings at home are to be capped at 30 people and social distancing measures must be observed.

Hotels and entertainment venues

Hotels are now allowed to run at 100 per cent capacity, while entertainment venues are able to increase their capacity to 70 per cent.

As for concerts and spectator events, special permits will be granted and all staff, participants and attendees need to have been vaccinated.

The maximum attendance for such events is 1,500 for indoor events and 2,500 for outdoor entertainment venues.

Again, it should be noted that everyone should continue to follow social distancing measures and the mandatory wearing of masks.

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Feature Image: Aleksandar Pasaric from Pexels