Dubai’s road are set for a change with less traffic, and hopefully less accidents, as  is re-introduced with residents encouraged to get public transport. Look if Rihanna can get the London Tube we can do the bus, tram or metro.

Yes, the oil’s cheap and taxis cheaper but driving from A to B is doing nothing for the environment and also nothing for your pedometer – do you walk the required minimum of 10,000 steps a day? We didn’t think so. Which is why, on February 21, when Dubai observes the seventh Car-Free Day, do the right thing and leave your car at home, avoid the taxis and make the most of the emirate’s public transport, or better still walk or cycle.

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At a recent press conference Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, said the Car-Free initiative is one of the ideas towards making Dubai a sustainable city. “We started small,” said Lootah, “but today we have a lot of government and private establishments joining us in the drive towards sustainability.”

rihanna london tube

If Rihanna can do public transport so can you

Reducing the number of cars on the road will also reduce temperatures – something we will be grateful for in summer month. Lootah added: “With more cars comes more carbon dioxide emissions, an increase in temperature and an increase in the use of electricity and energy. We want to encourage residents to use Dubai’s public transport, the metro, the buses and water transport.”

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Dubai joined the global Car-Free Day campaigns in 2010 in an effort to promote the use of public transport and to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution. It’s hoped 1,000 organisations will take part in this year’s event – more than three times the number involved last year.

Thinking of getting the metro or tram, visit here for timings and stations. Fancy cycling to work? Take the easy option and rent a local ByKy bike which are dotted around the emirate. Visit here for stations.

To help you in your commute we’ve put together the unspoken rules to travelling on public transport that you need to know:

1. Don’t Sit Too Close

Everyone loves their personal space so back off. Avoid sitting close to someone until its absolutely necessary. While we’re here, also don’t sit on someone’s lap – it’s not a substitute for a seat. You will be amazed how often this happens.

2. Don’t Sit Too Close

Don’t block the window seat, saving it for your imaginary friend, that’s just poor etiquette. Gravity on public transport is difficult at the best of times so clambering over someone to get the spare seat isn’t ideal.

3. Don’t Sing Out Loud

Yeah, the new Justin Bieber song might be ‘your jam’, but the tram isn’t a substitute to Harry Ghatto’s , so save your music and singing for yourself or a karaoke night.

4. Don’t Stand In The Women’s Area (men only)

Yes, we have extra carriage space, and yes we’re sorry that you have to stand in the crammed sections but this is our space and respect our privacy. Back Off!

5. Cover Your Mouth When Sneezing Or Coughing

It’s a cramped area,we don’t want your germs. So please, keep them to yourself.

6. Don’t Take Up Valuable Luggage Rack Space With Tiny Handbags

Taking up space in the allocated luggage racks for your little bag meaning people with luggage have to take up space on the walking lane will just annoy EVERYONE.

7. Go Up & Down The Escalators Correctly 

If you don’t know what that means, here’s the golden rule: stand to the right and let people walk up or down the left.

We just hope you don’t get this experience

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