The Dubai Health Authority has announced a new quarantine timeline for some COVID-19 patients and those who have been in close contact.

In a series of posts made via the Dubai Media Office, it was announced that the isolation period has been reduced to 10 days for certain cases, four days less than the original 14-day quarantine guidelines.

In a statement issued by the DHA, it was stated that the “shortened isolation period is applicable to COVID-19 patients who did not develop any symptoms since testing positive”.

Similarly, these rules also apply to those COVID-19 patients who have fully recovered from their symptoms.

In more severe cases for those who were hospitalised, they will only be able to be discharged once they have tested negative in a PCR test two consecutive times that are 24 hours (or more) apart.

COVID-19 vaccine in Dubai

Less than two weeks ago, the COVID-19 Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine was approved to be administered in Dubai.

After undergoing numerous clinical trials, the vaccine has been found to have 95 per cent efficacy. Recently, the DHA outlined exactly who is currently eligible to receive the vaccine.

Who is eligible to have the vaccine?

At present, senior citizens of all nationalities with a valid residence visa over 60 years are eligible to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Similarly, people with chronic diseases which include, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver and kidney diseases, hypertension, obesity and people with a BMI of 35 or more.

People with disabilities, often known as ‘people of determination’ in the emirates; frontline workers in the public and private sector, including medical staff, non-medical hospital workers, emergency services and employees in sensitive and vital positions, such as government employees working to tackle the pandemic are also eligible.

Whos is not eligible to have the Pfizer vaccine?

There are certain categories which aren’t yet eligible to get the vaccine as per the DHA including pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, people with immunodeficiency diseases and more.


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At present, individuals receiving the vaccine require to have two doses spaced three weeks apart.

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