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You don’t need us reminding you that Dubai has an outsized proportion of expat residents. There’s one very good reason for that – the emirate is an income tax-free city with some pretty enviable salaries, depending on your industry.

That’s one of the biggest draws for working professionals from around the world who migrate to the city for a few years to quickly fill their kitty.

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But in the daily grind from your workplace to home, and the routine that repeats itself five days a week (at least for most of us), it’s always good to know whether what you’re earning is as much as average salaried people around the world earn every month.

The good news is that the average salaries in Dubai are among the top 10 highest in the world. According to a report in Gulf News, with an average salary of $3,447 (Dhs12,661), Dubai has the ninth highest paying average salary in the world.

The average salaries in Dubai have dropped marginally over last year from $3,548, but not significantly enough to knock it off the list of the top 10 which is rounded off by Frankfurt where residents receive an average salary of $3,889.

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The city with the highest paying average monthly salary, net taxes, is Zurich with salaries of approximately $5,764 (Dhs21,172) per month. But factor in the average daily living costs from rent and clothing to shopping and entertainment, and Dubai might have a lower average monthly salary but is definitely has a more affordable cost of living. Exactly why many of this call this place home.

Below is the list of the top 10 cities:

1.Zurich, Switzerland: $5,764
2.San Francisco, US: $4,974
3. New York City, US: $4,115
4. Sydney, Australia: $3,914
5. Boston, US: $3,740
6. Oslo, Norway: $3,664
7. Chicago, US: $3,650
8. Copenhagen, Denmark: $3,462
9. Dubai, UAE: $3,447
10. Frankfurt, Germany: $3,389

Envy aside, if you want to know how much more fortunate you are than those living in the 48 cities which were covered in the survey, consider that at the other end of the scale cities like Bangalore ($764), New Delhi ($666) and Manila ($498) have the lowest average monthly salaries.

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