We know you have a busy schedule and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, but doing your make-up at the wheel of your car is not OK, in fact new rules could see it become a traffic offence. 

Using a mobile phone while driving is already a drive offence (FYI: this includes taking selfies) – it carries a fine of carries a fine of Dh200 and will see you get four black points on your licence – and now putting on make-up when behind the wheel could also land you in big trouble.

According to local news sources, in a bid to make the UAE’s roads safer, the Dubai Police have submitted a proposal to the Federal Traffic Council to register new traffic offences. The new list basically includes everything that could possibly distract motorists from being alert.

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So, as well as applying make-up at the wheel this includes eating, drinking, reading, watching television, combing your hair, smoking electronic shisha, trimming your beard (who knew people did this while driving?), and readjusting the ghutra (traditional headgear).

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Eight per cent of drivers find Dubai’s skyline a distraction when driving

The proposal is part of a increased efforts to improve safety on UAE roads, following recent reports that reveal they were becoming more dangerous, with 79 per cent of drivers admitting there is an increase in distractions. According to research by RoadSafetyUAE.com, that looked at 1,007 UAE drivers, eight per cent of drivers are distracted by Dubai’s skyline – not much you can really do there.

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Thomas Edelman, founder of RoadSafetyUAE.com, told Gulf News: “Driving distractions play a role in motorists swerving lanes, driving too close to the vehicle in front, misjudging traffic situations and other leading causes of road accidents. Swerving is mainly caused by distracted drivers, who are either busy with their mobile phones, grooming themselves, or distracted by their pets in the car.”

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The new possible new traffic offences come almost a month after the Ministry of Interior revealed theirs plans to limit the use of smartphones and other gadgets while driving, including banning handsfree calls.

The law change is still only in the planning phase, but if approved it will certainly improve the safety on the roads in the region.

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