Dries Van Noten’s meteoric rise to prominence came with his bold foray into ready-to-wear, eschewing the conventional trappings of luxury fashion to focus on creating garments that exuded honesty and integrity.

His runway presentations were not merely showcases of style, but declarations of identity, celebrating the diverse facets of humanity with each collection.

After 38 years of shaping the industry with his visionary designs, the Belgian fashion icon announced his decision to step down as the creative director of his eponymous label last month, marking the end of an era and the dawn of a new chapter.

In his latest interview with Emirates Woman, the Belgian designer delves into the evolution of his partnership with Mytheresa and sheds light on the inspirations behind his latest capsule collection.

From bicolour geometrical motifs to meticulous print design techniques, each piece in the High-Summer 2024 collection showcases the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship and creativity.

You created your second exclusive capsule collection for Mytheresa. How did the relationship evolved throughout the years and how this collection come about?

Mytheresa has been an important partner for a long time, we have collaborated closely on various projects, our partnership has grown stronger over the years. This new exclusive capsule collection was a natural continuation of our collaboration.

What were the main inspirations driving the design of this capsule?

For our High-Summer 2024 capsule, we focused on bicolour geometrical motifs, giving a new approach to floral prints. We played with patterns and colours to create a range of separates and dresses. This eclectic range of prints and possibilities offer an opportunity to mix and match the different pieces for more casual or formal outfits.

Can you share any specific techniques or materials used in this capsule collection that showcase the dedication to craftsmanship for which your brand is known?

In this capsule collection, we emphasized print design and meticulous placement techniques.

You have recently described your designing process as a creative ping-pong with your team. How has this collaborative dynamic evolved throughout your incredible career?

Creation is like a game of ping-pong, with various opinions. I’m open to learning and being taught new things. When I encounter art that puzzles me, I appreciate different perspectives that help me understand it better. It’s like trying a new dish; initially surprising, but it can grow on you. This dynamic also applies to my team – ideas bounce around, sparking reactions and new thoughts.

Considering the current landscape of the fashion industry, what do you perceive as the most significant challenges?

I hope our industry will become more responsible for its impact on our customers, the planet, and the fashion community, while also enforce the magic and creativity that have made fashion such an important part of our lives.

What advice would you give to yourself as a young designer in 2024?

Persistence, patience, perseverance, and passion…Passion fuels creativity!

Despite the numerous dramatic events facing the world nowadays, what cultural elements or events have continued to inspire you over the past year?

I used to think my work should reflect what’s going on in the world. But four years ago, I realized the world was getting more chaotic. Maybe fashion should offer an escape. My first collection with this idea was with Christian Lacroix, a master of volume, known for his bold style. But you can’t ignore the world’s problems. Is it silly to celebrate bright colors and summer when there’s war nearby? Still, escapism matters. It’s not right to hide at home wearing only black because the world isn’t perfect.

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Images: Supplied by Mytheresa