There’s a good reason why it’s called ‘The Garden’ – the expansive hall at Dubai’s hottest fashion event, Fashion Forward, will host some of the region’s blooming accessory designers and their earthly delights. From T-shirts to tiaras, if you want an instant wardrobe update or to meet the next bouquet of emerging talent you can’t miss this. Here are a few favourites in their own words…

burqa babes

Burqa Babes by Satami

“Burqa Babes presents Emirati tradition with a modern twist in fun, funky and unique tops.”

Lama Hourani 

Lama Hourani

Handmade jewellery is considered art to wear… Collectible pieces which are truly unique bearing beautiful stories and love for the wearer to enjoy and appreciate.”

 maria iqbal

Maria Iqbal

“Everything I make is hand painted and customisable, humorous, and related to pop culture.”

 november alpha

November Alpha

“You can expect to see many different colors, textures, and sizes of beaded necklaces. I have recently added new pieces to the collection so you will get a chance to be the first to see and buy them.”

Vinny Dolls 

Vinny Dolls

“The new Vinny Dolls collection will feature dolls made after artist Frida Kahlo highlighting her unique and peculiar fashion sense.”


Wafa by Wafa

“Loads of statement necklaces, bracelets and headpieces!  My debut jewellery collection is inspired by tribal culture so it’s a mix of feminine elements juxtaposed with harder more masculine touches.”


For more information visit fashionforward.ae