Dolce & Gabbana always know how to put on a show, but their recent takeover in Saudi Arabia’s district of AlUla over the weekend was nothing short of spectacular.

The exclusive runway show showcased stunning horses and models on the runway set in Jabal Ikmah, bringing pieces from Europe into the Kingdom. It took place in the couture show titled the ‘Ikmah Fashion Show’, where an impressive 58 looks were presented.

The Italian fashion presented the Alta Moda, Alta Sartoria and Alta Gioielleria collections at the world’s largest mirrored building, with an audience of the who’s who in fashion.

The spectacle was a part of AlUla’s Tantora festival – one of the region’s most important festivals – celebrating the ancient horse heritage in a one-of-a-kind manner.


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From enchanting headpieces to elegant hand-made creations, floral elements took centre stage at the Dolce & Gabanna show, with fine craftsmanship that’s passed down through generations. The delicacy of nature was embodied in each piece, making everything on the runway an authentic work of art.

Phillip Jones, chief management and marketing officer for the Royal Commission for AlUla said: “Our first fashion show in AlUla was the perfect combination of exquisite elegance and nature.

“AlUla is a cradle of creativity with artistic endeavour stretching back thousands of years – we are now once again a place to welcome and inspire all areas of arts.”


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The opulent show was designed with a level of intricacy and with immaculate attention to detail in the heart of this cultural oasis. Designed with tactility and craftsmanship, the splendour of the towering sandstone mountains was beautifully portrayed through the presentation.

Watch the full show below.

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