Dubai-based holistic beauty expert Julie Lemke discusses the benefits of DNA testing when it comes to achieving optimal skin results.

What are the benefits of DNA testing when it comes to skincare?

With the Skin DNA test, I am able to forecast the skin challenges you may find ahead – before they occur. The test will also tell you how your skin is going to age making you capable of managing certain lifestyle choices, before the signs will show up on your skin. It is much easier to prevent than to treat. The key to healthy resilient skin is prevention – and long term the preventative philosophy will also save you a lot of money.

The Skin DNA Test is looking for various health markers such as, your body’s ability to metabolize sugar, how fast your collagen is breaking down, the inflammation response, the oxidation process, skin sensitivity and much more. Your DNA will never change- so once you have done the test you will never need to redo it.

We all have a genetic switch- meaning we are able to turn our genes on -or off. Even though you may be predisposed for a certain condition, you will be able to avoid this by making certain lifestyle choices. By looking at your skin visually, you are able to address certain concerns. However, this test goes below the surface and tells you what is going on – on a deeper level.


The Skin DNA technology is able to access the needs of our skin with high-end scientific precision. With our wider lifespan nowadays, it is so important to take care of the skin which is going to carry you throughout your life. It is your coating; your protection and you want to take the best possible care of it.


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How can you refine your skincare regimen based on these results and does this enable you to forward plan this regime for the future?

Having your Skin DNA tested will enable me to know your strengths and weaknesses in your skin and enable me to create and recommend a specifically targeted regimen for you. This will be based on your genetic blueprint, containing key skincare ingredients-, supplements and suggested additional services to support what is the best match for your skin’s unique DNA composition. We are essentially simplifying your skincare regimen, by taking out the guesswork when buying skincare products which enables you to focus more on the areas where you skin may be genetically weaker.

When should you be testing this and what is the process?

You can have the Skin DNA test done at any age. Obliviously the sooner – the better, but literally anyone who would like to known their genetic breakdown and be able to future plan for the health of their skin – is a candidate. The procedure is completely pain-free and effortless. You will be asked to refrain from eating and drinking 1-hour prior to your Skin DNA test. The DNA sample will be collected from a salvia swap from your inner cheek. The sample will be sent to the Skin DNA’s laboratory in Australia for further processing.

Your report should be available in 7 to 10 days after testing. Once the test arrives, I will go through the results together with you and based on the outcome we are able to create a plan specifically targeted for your individual needs. You will have a detailed printed report with your own skin’s unique genetic profile that is yours to keep.

Do you see similar results for clients living within the UAE?

The Skin DNA test is elevating skincare and skin health in my opinion. I have not seen anything similar on the market that can be compared to this testing method. If you commit and follow the instructions given in your DNA test – you will be able to transform your skin or prevent your genes in being expressed.

Skincare is such an interesting topic in the UAE. We have so many different cultures and ethnicities. Generally, for all of us in the UAE, we live in a hot climate with a lot of sun exposure and humidity but in addition, we are exposed to the dry air from the Air conditioning which has an exceptionally negative effect on certain skin types and conditions. However, we are able to repair and prevent so much with the correct skincare, nutrition and treatments.

For many of us, fine lines creep in without us noticing. What is the best way to combat this naturally?

Fine lines can, amongst other things, be linked to surface dehydration, a result of a decrease in collagen production or a combination of both. I would recommend to have your skin checked by a professional, so you can target your specific issue in the right way.

The key ways to combat this are; wear photo protection daily – a minimum of SPF 30 is recommended. Protect yourself from environmental aggressors by applying a topical vitamin C serum, which adds in an extra layer of protection combating free radical damage and preserving the fibroblast cells which are the cells responsible for collagen production. Eat a balanced diet and reduce your stress levels. When we are stressed, we release an elevated level of cortisol. Cortisol will break down your tissue and is therefore one of the worst enemies of collagen, and finally I would recommend facial massage. Facial massages stimulate and promote collagen production, oxygenates the tissues and brings fresh nutrients to the surface. Regular facial massage can tremendously help reduce the appearance of any fine lines and assist in boosting your collagen production.


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What in the beauty market is luxury?

Working as a Holistic Esthetician, the first thing that came to my mind would be treatment-related: “Bespoke and Customize”. All skincare lines have certain protocols, but to be able to really look at the need of the individual and tailor a treatment for them is the ultimate goal. Also, I feel that being cared for, pampered and nourished on a deeper level is the ultimate luxury. I think it should just be normal practice, but I feel like we live in a world where everything has become so rushed and hectic. It is super important for me that my clients feel secure, heard and cared for when they are in my hands.

What does your pre-bedtime beauty routine look like?

It all depends on what kind of mood I am in, how tired I am and how much time I’ve got. Sometimes I can do a super quick routine – which consist of iS Clinical Cleansing Complex, iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum, Eye Doctor from CosMedix and my Retinol from PCA skin. At other times I can really allow myself to do a nice peel, hydrating mask, Gua Sha, facial reflexology and boost my skin with LED light with my Déesse Pro Mask.
But one thing is for sure, I will never ever go to bed without having cleansed my face and décolletage. I cannot stress this enough. Our skin and body go into repair mode at night and you do not want to bring your “day” into your clean sheets.

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