Diptyque has created a collection of scents that pay homage to the brand’s beloved rose.

Renowned for its high-quality candles and fragrances, the latest collection revolves around innovative and ethical uses of the flower.

The collection is comprised of home candles an eau de toilette and a long-awaited eau de parfum, Diptyque ensured the use of the whole flower even the thorns and buds to create a modern simplistic tribute to the flower.

The much-anticipated eau de parfum is an intense bouquet of two roses, the Damascus Rose and the ethical, upcycled Firad Rose. The fragrance uncovers unexpected aspects of the rose such as accents of artichoke, litchi, and chamomile, creating a fruity, gentle scent that lies within the floral fragrance family.

These bespoke accents have caused the Eau de Rose parfum to be aptly described as an olfactory accident. These unique accents are due to the distillation water of the damascene rose being subjected to a second extraction. Meaning perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin was able to create a more intense, complex, and innovative fragrance.

The Eau Rose eau de toilette uses the Damascus and centifolia roses to create a beautiful luxurious fragrance that allows the flowers to linger in their most natural form on the skin. The scent is blended with fresh green rose to add lightness, elegance, and flair to the scent.

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Images: Supplied