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Mr. Thierry Vasseur, GM of Dinh Van discusses the art of the understated and staying connected to clients.

Tell us your new Dinh Van flagship store in Dubai Mall?

The store has opened last December in Fashion Avenue and we are very proud of it, as it is the largest one in our international network. It allows us to display all our emblematic collections and to welcome our dear customers in the perfect way.

Do you have plans for an exclusive Middle Eastern collection?

It’s only been one year since we arrived in the region. We still are positioning the brand, building our customer base and deepening those relationships. Each region has its particular taste and favourite collection. In Dubai, our clients love the Pulse Dinh Van collection, particularly the rose gold pieces and paved with diamonds as well as the exclusive pieces from our main collections.

Which is a signature piece for you?

The Dinh Van MENOTTES collection. One of the Dinh Van’s sources of inspiration is the everyday object, which led to the menottes clasp’s concept in 1976. After studying his apartment key, the founder Jean Dinh Van came up with the idea of taking a second key and fitting the two heads together to produce a keyring based on the principle of the quick separation of two keys. However, a key head initially inspired the shape of the collection and this then became known as the Menottes Dinh Van collection. The designer then turned this beautiful discovery into a spectacular success by making the clasp a jewellery piece of its own. By giving the clasp pride of place on a pearl necklace, he overturned one of the main jewellery design principles by showing what is usually hidden – the clasp. It was then enhanced with diamonds.

How do you stay relevant globally as a brand?

In the fine jewellery industry, in particular, we do not develop our jewels to appeal to all clients. Creating a piece of jewellery isn’t about responding to a need, moreover a desire. Since the beginning, we create jewels that correspond to the will of the founder: a free spirit that wanted to revolutionize the conventional jewellery world and bring it to the streets—offering a new way of wearing jewellery not only for a special occasion. Dinh Van has been a pioneer in bringing a contemporary feel to the fine jewellery market. The most important for us is to stay faithful to what we are.

How do you approach scaling the business?

Our flagship in the Dubai Mall is only our first step in the region!

How has Dinh Van evolved changed since it was founded and how do you retain such a loyal following?

On the contrary, we are the same since the beginning! For more than 50 years, we have been faithful to the founding principle of our company. We focus on creating minimalist-inspired fine jewellery pieces, which can accompany customers throughout every moment of their life.
Remaining sincere and faithful to what we were and what we will be in future is the key to the House’s success.

November’s – ‘The Fine Jewellery Issue’ – Download Now

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