Emirates Woman’s columnist, Diane Von Furstenburg reveals the tricks behind looking and feeling amazing for the party season ahead 

I was in New York during the seventies as a twenty-something, so I know a thing or two about how to dress for a party. It was a fabulous time to be young. We thought we had invented freedom. New York was, and still is, one the liveliest cities in the world. I still love to attend parties, usually for friends who are showing a movie, launching a book or are receiving an award, but with the holidays upon us, who needs an excuse?

“One of the most memorable parties was at The White House of all places. Invited by Californian designer Luis Estevez, at 27 it was my first trip there and I was very nervous. I wore a black strapless gown borrowed from Halston, it seemed like the right choice until President Ford asked me to dance and I was terrified it would fall down. So if there’s one piece of party advice I can give you: always be glamorous, but also practical! There’s nothing glam about a pair of beautiful heels you can’t walk in, or a stunning dress you can’t move in. It’s all about body language.


“During the holidays, I always know there will be a flurry of parties and I love to wear anything that sparkles, from an embellished gown to Art Deco jewellery. Parties are also the perfect time to play with the unexpected. I love a trouser suit or a jumpsuit when everyone is expecting you to show up in a dress. I used to love the freedom of walking into Studio 54 in a pair of cowboy boots, as if it were a saloon in the Wild West. Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to finish off the look with a fabulous statement coat – that’s the first and the last thing they will see you wearing.

“Lastly, the most important thing when dressing for a party is to be true to yourself. You have to feel good in what you’re wearing. Remember glamour is shine and confidence. Even for someone who appreciates a fancy soirée and who has danced at Studio 54, I have to say that my favourite parties are the most intimate. The impromptu dinners with your closest friends and family, the rendezvous where you know everyone – these are the parties that are full of love, and love is life!”


“To me, Marlene Dietrich is the most glamorous Hollywood icon. I’m always inspired by her. She had a mystery about her and a sex appeal that I always keep in mind.”


DVF at Parson’s party in 1987

“Oh the eighties! I love this look, there’s shine but the silhouette itself is effortless. In my opinion a party is the perfect time to wear statement jewellery!”


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“I love a trouser suit or a jumpsuit when everyone is expecting you to show up in a dress.”


Images: Diane von Furstenberg and Getty