Renowned Dubai TV presenter and model Diala Makki has seen the UAE’s most glam women come to her support after becoming the victim of cyber bullying.

This week, Persian Arab beauty Diala Makki was left stunned when she shared a no make-up ‘snap’ on her open SnapChat account (@dialamakki) and was told by a critical viewer she was ugly.

Anyone familiar with the TV star will no she is anything but ugly.

diala makki no make-up

Diala Makki looking gorgeous in her make-up free snap

However, rather than let the comment get her down, Diala reposted her make-up free selfie on Instagram and shared her trolling experience. “Someone told me I look ugly without make-up on on Snapchat today,” she commented under her image. “It kind of made me want to take a pic with no make-up, no filters and zero touch up. And guess what? I’m OK with my flaws and my imperfections and I nominate my fellow women to do the same.”

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Diala’s post was viewed by her 168,000 followers and sure enough some of the UAE’s biggest influencers rallied to support the star, posting images of themselves without make-up. Clearly moved by the show of solidarity Diala reposted the images on her social media account further proving to her troll that their nasty comments didn’t hurt.

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Unfortunately social media has become an all too easy place for so-called trolls to attack women. Model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid was vilified on social media recently when she walked down the Tommy Hilfiger runway in a bikini. One troll wrote: “How can you be that young, have so much fat and cellulite on your lower body when you’re employed as a model?”

Like Diala, Gigi held her head high and fought back online with a lengthy statement admitting that the comments do get to her but also hit back and defended her body. “If I didn’t have the body I do, I wouldn’t have the career I do. I love that I can be sexy. I’m proud of it,” said the newly appointed Tommy Hilfiger ambassador.

gigi hadid fashion week diet and fitness

Fat? Really? Like Diala, Gigi has also been the victim of cyber bullies

Lebanese actress and Emirates Woman cover star Razane Jammal was one of the many supporters in Diala Makki’s fight against cyber bullies. Posting a bare-faced picture of herself on Instagram, she commented: “You have my full support girl #iamwhatiam.”

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Others to ditch the contoured layers of foundation and lashings of mascara included designer Jelena Bin Drai, blogger Alanoud Badr, designer Tamara Al Gabbani, Kardashian-clan bestie Carla DiBello, designer Dima Ayad and bag designer Amanda Navai along with huge number of Diala’s fans and followers. If that doesn’t say girl power we don’t know what does.

Carla Di Bello

Carla DiBello, wearing a Nike track jacket posted: “Flaws & All …. Today I am accepting the challenge by @dialamakki to represent my true self with a #nomakeupselfie There’s nothing more valuable than your inner beauty and hope young women can accept the real you.”



Lady Fozaza stripped back her make-up and posted: “Beauty is confidence applied directly to your face ❤️ here’s to all the women who should never hide behind their makeup! Or let anyone tell you otherwise.”


Amanda Navai

One of Dubai’s best-selling bag designers showed her support by sharing: “Here you go @dialamakki no makeup! #WomenEmpowerment”


Jelena Bin Drai

Former model, mum and fashion designer Jelena Bin Drai said: “No make up. No filter. Not really clean hair. All of us are beautiful in our imperfections,difference is only in confidence. Thank u @dialamakki for starting this challenge and nominations. U r one of most gorgeous and confident woman I know.”


Razanne Jamal

Chanel muse and actress Razane Jammal stood by Diala and posted her flawless no make-up selfie with: “#iamwhatiam #bareface #nomakeup #noeffect and #noproblem with that!”