Forward is boring

Last June, Spanish brand Desigual shocked the fashion world when they announced their re-branding. Now, they have unveiled their new manifesto, a tribute to those who dare to turn things around.

This new campaign, comes after the revival of the Barcelona-based brand, has been titled “Forwards is boring”. Built on a plan to “dress people, not bodies,” one of Spain’s most popular brands is looking to push boundaries and cement its place in the fashion industry.

Now, after adapting a new logo which features all the lettering flipped in reverse, Desigual unveiled their new campaign for this autumn-winter season 2109. Leading into the new campaign, the Spanish brand released incomprehensible messages intended to be read using selfie mode and a magazine where the beginning was the end.

This was how they introduced “Forwards is boring”, their new manifesto, presenting the brand’s new philosophy. The message the brand is trying to make is that sometimes, to move forward, you will need to move backwards. Take a step back and reevaluate, so you could change the outcome of things.

How does all this change begin? The new Desigual manifesto explains that everything starts with “Backward Thinking”.
This, new creative work methodology, based on the logic of illogic. It is characterised by the ability to turn around certain situations (better known in life as “problems”) by applying innate creativity and exploring new points of view and different approaches.

Watch the campaign here:

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