A born creative, Haya Jarrar, founder and Creative Director of Romani and Romani Home, shares her path that led to a new design pursuit of launching a home collection.

Tap the gallery above for a peek inside the House of Romani showroom by Haya Jarrar.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I wake up and have my break- fast and then start reply- ing to emails. Other times I meditate or go straight to the beach and start tanning before I go ahead with my day.

What pillars of DNA define Romani as a brand and what inspired you to launch Romani Home?

What inspired me to launch Romani home is 1) my obsession with interiors and furniture and 2) it was when I started designing my house and designing furniture for it, that’s when I knew I was ready for the launch of Romani home.

How many pieces did you launch with and how has it been received?

I launched with a lot of pieces. It’s not a small collection and people fell in love from the day we launched.

Where does your creative process as an interior designer start?

It really depends. It starts with client interactions sometimes or space planning or even my sources of inspiration.

In terms of design, what’s more important, having good ideas or having the confidence to put forward your ideas whether they’re perceived good or bad?

What’s a good idea without confidence? I think they go hand in hand.

Is it sometimes difficult to then translate those inspirations and ideas to a larger team?

Of course, sometimes no one gets your vision besides you.

What was it that drew you to work in design in the first place?

I think it’s something that I was born with… I love creating, and I’m always thinking of new creations in my head – nonstop literally! I think I was born to design.

Who do you look up to when it comes to aesthetics?

I love Gabriella Crespi – she’s someone I look up to!

The Romani Home showroom adds to Dubai’s growing design landscape. Are there bespoke services being offered currently?

Yes, I opened this showroom with the intention for people to visit and immerse themselves in the pieces, gaining an understanding of my vision. Visitors are encouraged to interact with the items, customise as they please, and truly experience the space. Appointments are required for this personalised service, which will be available at all times.

What are your potential blocks and how do you overcome this?

Just keep moving forward and stay motivated.

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