It’s no surprise that fashion and beauty are big bushiness in the UAE, but another trend is growing among style-savvy Muslim women…

According to Sayd Farook, PhD, former global head of Islamic capital markets at Thomson Reuters: “Global Muslim spending on cosmetics was US$46 billion in 2013 — 6.78 per cent of global expenditure — it is expected to increase to US$73 billion by 2019, and will make up over 8.2 per cent of global expenditure.” The halal cosmetic market is expected to increase in value to US$45 billion by 2020.

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Dubai-based beauty and fashion blogger Wafa Yahya agrees that Muslim women are starting to get more confident in their preference of cosmetics and beauty products, with women starting to demand halal products.

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“There is a growing awareness in the Muslim world that not all cosmetic products are beneficial as some do not use halal ingredients. Especially during the Holy Month of Ramadan, many Muslim women are more particular about the beauty and cosmetic products they are using,” says Yahya. “I prefer to use halal products as most of the times, the ingredients in the make-up we use on a daily basis tend to penetrate into our skin or we may consume them without being fully aware.”

Wafa Yahya’s guide on what you need to know about halal beauty


1) You tend to eat your lipstick

This might not be intentional but we tend to lick our lips even with our lipstick or lip balm on. The problem is, we could be eating even a small percentage of the lipstick, which might be made of non-halal animal fats, alcohol and harmful chemicals.

2) Make-up and foundations can penetrate our skin

When you wear make-up in the morning and you leave it on your skin for more than eight hours, there is a great chance the powders penetrate your skin. This is why we should avoid cheap products. Also bear in mind, some make-up and foundation products contain pork-derived gelatin, keratin and collagens, which may be absorbed by the skin.

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3) Waterproof nail care products, are they breathable?

With prayers five times a day, and a pre-prayer ritual that requires washing the hands and arms, traditional nail polish has been mostly unfavoured because it prevents water from making contact with the nails. Some cosmetics companies are now producing breathable nail polish that allows air and moisture to pass through the nail. This is considered a healthier alternative to traditional nail enamels, which block the passage of moisture and oxygen to the nail.

4) It gives you peace of mind

“Halal literally means ‘permissible’ and it is one of the creeds of morality in Islam, when it comes to halal cosmetics such as make-up, cuticles, serums and lipsticks — these products should be certified to be free of blood, pork and alcohol. When we are in doubt of the things that we use, especially the products wherein our body consumes, we do not feel great. If we are using halal, on the other hand, it will give us peace of mind and confidence.

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5 Top Halal Beauty Products

Orly nail varnish uses similar technology of a contact lens, allowing oxygen and hydration to pass through, promoting nail growth, increasing nail thickness and helping heal damaged nails.

Amara Cosmetics, was the first company in North America to provide halal-certified products. Products range from lipsticks to foundation, eyeshadows and mascaras.

Popular Japanese brand Shiseido obtained a halal certification in 2012.

lush cosmetics

Lush cosmetics are made from natural ingredients

Made from fresh handmade ingredients, all Lush products are made from fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, and the finest essential oils with no chemicals.

Bahrain-based beauty company Green Bar sources natural ingredients directly from historical areas in which they grow, directly from the specialised natives who grow them.

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