Australian fashion brand Deiji Studios is the go-to to keep you cool and comfortable for summer.

Co-Founders Emma Nelson and Juliette Arkeness talk us through the journey of the brand which started as just linen bedding six years ago.

Talk us through your career(s).

Between us, we worked in various roles within the fashion industry for 10 years – design, graphics, visual merchandising and in retail. We drew on all facets of these experiences when developing the idea of what Deiji was to become.

Deji Studios contemporary

What inspired you to work in the fashion industry and launch Deiji Studios?

The initial brand started with linen bedding which organically turned into loungewear which is what we are now known for. We wanted to create timeless pieces that would take you from your bed and around the home to out and about, for a coffee with friends through to even a nice venue with the feeling of comfort whilst still looking your finest. We live by the coast so having that carefree slow lifestyle really inspired us to design clothing that you didn’t need to put much thought into, though made you look and feel your best.

Talk us through the design process of Deiji Studios pieces.

A lot of our design process is a collaboration of ideas by Emma, myself and our head designer. Most of our designs are unisex cuts, oversized and based on how certain shirt or pants makes you feel more than anything. We take care to produce only things that we would wear ourselves. Boxy shapes and small details frequent our designs.

Where do you get your influences for your designs?

We are influenced by culture and furniture. Through our years of travel, we have found inspiration in Japan, Korea and France. From the effective simplicity and less is more attitude within Korea and Japan, to the chicness of the French culture. We are lovers of furniture and lamps, these also inspire us when designing.

You’re celebrating the six-year anniversary of Deiji Studios this year. How have things evolved since the brand launched?

Time has flown by so fast, our team has grown and so has our love for what we do. Our brand has truly evolved more than anything to be more conscious of the materials that we use for our designs – that have a flow-on effect on the state of our planet. We always design with the thought in mind – “is that sustainable?” “can it break down?” “Will people be wearing them this year?”. With that forefront, we design pieces that will become favourites or staples in your wardrobes for years to come.

What sets Deiji Studios apart from other brands?

We like to keep things simple and steer clear of anything ‘on trend’. We believe in slow fashion and creating unique pieces that can easily add to your wardrobe as staples. We don’t drop huge collections, but rather design small collections that are easy to wear with great shapes and cuts.

Over the years, what have been the hurdles you’ve experienced when building the brand? And milestones?

Working with sustainable materials has been difficult, though something we are really adamant about using and one of our core focuses of the business. De- lays during Covid from factories and lockdowns have presented many challenges in recent years. Our achievements would by far be the great team we are lucky to work with every day and other creatives we have met within the industry.

Deji Studios cool

When it comes to summer dressing, what are your go-to pieces?

My consistent go-to’s for summer are the Ease trouser and any of the soft separates. They are light and feel so lovely against the skin during the warmer months.

This is The Summer Escape Issue – where do you want to escape to this summer?

I would love to escape to New Caledonia or Greece this year, who knows…!

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