Time to start making plans!

It has been a while since our last public holiday, and we are dying for a vacation. Thankfully, we will be getting one soon and it will be a long one.

Today, the United Arab Emirates Cabinet approved a timetable of public holidays for the remainder of 2019 and 2020. According to this new list, workers can expect a super long weekend coming this December. We will be getting a three-day holiday, starting with Commemoration Day on Sunday, December 1. We also get Monday and Tuesday off for the country’s 48th National Day celebrations.

This holiday will probably be given to both the public and private sectors. In March, the government sent out a tweet from their official Twitter account, saying that it will be granting equal days off in an effort to achieve a balance between the two sectors and supporting the national economy. Previously, the public sector enjoyed longer holidays, as they were given additional days off, but starting this year, both sectors will be given 14 days of national holiday.

Now that these dates are officially confirmed, we will be looking at enjoying five days off (including the weekend). This will be the perfect opportunity for travel or to go on a staycation if you are in the mood for something more local. So, we suggest that you start planning your next holiday.

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Media: Pintrest