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Find out what destiny holds for you for the rest of the month.

SAGITARIUS (22 Nov – 21 Dec)

An important shift transpires this month. Saturn, the planet associated with hard work and valuable lessons, settles into your sign. This no doubt will make you re-evaluate what you want to get out of your life.

This month’s memo: Prioritise and get organised.

Birthday wish: A night out on the tiles.


CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 19 Jan)

Not everything is going to be to your liking this month, so best you accept that you will always give of your best. That critical person probably knows just which button to press, so don’t let them wind you up.

This month’s memo: Humour yourself.


AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb)

Mars marches into your sign on December 5, thereby giving you more energy and drive for the festive season. It’s time, however, to be more selective about who you spend time with amongst your numerous friends.

This month’s memo: Be discerning.


PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar)

You might be so distracted by the goings-on of a friendship that you’re not noticing that a subtle, but important change is happening at work. What with Saturn traversing this area for the next few years, work is bound   to change.

This month’s memo: Set new goals.


ARIES (21 Mar – 19 Apr)

Life will pick up speed after the 21st. Be mindful though, that you do not take the love in your life for granted around the 20th. If you have been toying with the idea of furthering your education, this will now look more feasible.

This month’s memo: Knowledge is power.


TAURUS (20 Apr – 20 May)

Before you know it, your plans for making home changes will fall into place. Be wary though       to what extend you commit yourself financially as you would not want to embark upon a path of having to repay debt for the rest of your life.

This month’s memo: Manage your debt.


GEMINI (21 May – 20 Jun)

You’re continuing to meet interesting people, especially the sort of people that stimulate you mentally. Towards the end of the month, you’ll realise that a new cycle is starting for a love relationship. Its time to start committing yourself.

This month’s memo: Get serious about love.


CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul)

The ups and downs in a love relationship are bound to rock your boat this month. Try to stay calm and handle the issues one at a time. Too much worry could have a detrimental effect on your health, so let go of the past.

This month’s memo: Love me gently.


LEO (23 Jul – 22 Aug)

It’s time to take a pause and to reflect about all the happenings in your life since July. Chances are that you need to catch up with yourself a little, if you wish to have a relaxing Christmas break. Everything else can wait for now.

This month’s memo: Take a deep breath.


VIRGO (23 Aug – 22 Sep)

Realise that it is futile to try to please everybody in your life. There will always be those who are envious and those who are jealous. You have a much    more important matter to focus on: a potential home move or a renovation.

This month’s memo: Plan meticulously.


LIBRA (23 Sep – 22 Oct)

Your love life looks a little turbulent at the moment and it is probably best to go with the flow. Tension in the family is also making this a tricky time of the year to contend with. Write that long overdue letter.

This month’s memo: Consider your options.


SCORPIO (23 Oct –21 Nov)

An era comes to an end this month, when Saturn, the great taskmaster, exits your sign. Look back to see what you have achieved over the past two and a half years and pat yourself on the back for having done so.

This month’s memo: Relax,    relax, relax.


Horoscopes: Petra du Preez | Illustration: Kirsten Sims