With TikTok’s popularity skyrocketing, Instagram has found it hard to keep-up with the platform’s ever-evolving algorithm.

And now there’s a new player on the block which could further see Instagram’s popularity decline.

You can now snap a vintage disposable app Dispo, which has been created by YouTube star David Dobrik.

As going back to the basics exudes its own charm, this app is the perfect mechanism to keep these unpolished images as memories, as their reminiscent of early days with one able to experience real-life through this natural lens.

With social networking and nostalgia combined, the app creates an experience like no other, as you remember the moments you were truly present in.


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The app has already seen vast popularity since its launch, becoming the fourth most downloaded app in the US for iOS.

Without the additional hassle of editing pictures, emojis, text or filters, Dispo keeps it simple with its natural photo sharing experience. After being the fourth most downloaded app on the AppStore, the app has its unique feature of revealing images by 9am next morning, deeming it as an anti-Instagram social network platform.

The spontaneous images help capture the moment without putting much thought into it as founder Dobrik created the app with that intention, giving you the same disposable camera feel as you take a trip back to the ’90s.


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Much like the popular Clubhouse app taking the social media world by storm, this too is an invite-only app for a select few to maintain its exclusivity.

Live in the moment with this disposable app is now available on iOS

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