While it’s been widely stated by experts that it would most likely take up to 18 months to develop a vaccine against COVID-19, there have been numerous trials taking place across the globe to develop one and that includes here in the UAE it has been confirmed.


During a media briefing on Monday, it was announced by UAE authorities that research was being conducted for two potential vaccines for COVID-19 to be developed. Per Gulf News, human trials are reportedly set to be conducted.

“We have more than 15,000 volunteers to conduct trials, and the best scientific standards for medical studies will be followed and guaranteed,” Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection stated during the briefing. “If the safety and efficacy of the vaccine are proven during this phase, the test will be considered successful.”

If either strain of the vaccines tested in the UAE are proven to be both safe and effective in combatting COVID-19, they would move to manufacture them.

This news of the two vaccine trials comes as the UAE surpassed four million COVID-19 tests being conducted across the nation, which is one of the highest testing rates worldwide.

At present, the UAE has had 55,198 confirmed cases – 45,513 of those have recovered and there have been 334 deaths.

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