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Who would’ve thought that the secret to rapid muscle recovery and younger looks lies in Arctic temperatures? Online Editor Alexandria decided to see what all the fuss was about, putting cryotherapy, the latest celebrity fad (Demi Moore, Kate Moss, Jessica Alba and Cristiano Ronaldo are all fans), to the test.

What: Cryotherapy

Where:  Cryo HealthJumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard, (04) 3518300

The Low Down: Stripped down to just your underwear and some mittens on your hands and feet, you step into a cubicle (aka the cryochamber) where temperatures reach minus 140 degrees. Inside you rotate for three minutes, with hands raised to help with blood circulation. Sounds simple, right? But believe me it is far more challenging than you think. In fact it’s a great test of character and inner strength.

The treatment works by speeding up your metabolism (it can burn up to 800 calories), which can aid with weight loss, improve skin appearance, and also revive your muscles after an intense workout, and decrease pain. The latter is why it is so popular with athletes including Cristiano Ronaldo, who has a cryo machine in his own home – sports stars use it as a more affective alternative to the ice bath. Cyrotherapy has actually been used in Japan since 1978 to treat patients with arthritis.

Results: After battling the first minute of the treatment start getting used to the cold. In fact it creates quite a natural high that’s much better than espresso. After just one treatment the niggling aches in my joints – courtesy of bootcamp – had dulled. I understand how the treatment could be affective over several treatments.

The Details: Dhs400 for a single treatment. Packages start from Dhs1,875


Cryo Healthcare

Left to right: slippers and gown on before heading to the Arctic; the Cryo facial machine the organic beauty products and the infrared light; ice, ice baby during full body therapy

What: Angel Facial

Where: Cryo HealthJumeirah Emirates Towers Boulevard, (04) 3518300

The Low Down: The treatment begins with the gentle cleansing of the face before, a facial scrub using organic ingredients. Once the face is fully cleaned and prepped, the therapist checks your skin before applying a cold facial mask relevant to your skin type. Whilst wearing the mask, an infrared light is positioned overhead, allowing the lotion to penetrate deep into the epidermis.  The so-called ‘beauty light’ is absorbed by skin cells (fibroblasts) and helps increase the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. After 15 minutes, the light is turned off and mask removed.

Next up is the local cryo treatment where freezing air helps tighten the pores.

Results: The blast of freezing air on my face reminded me of embarking from a train in Edinburgh during a freezing winter.  However, the results were instant. The frown lines in my forehead had disappeared. While they reemerged slowly over two weeks, it’s a great non-invasive alternative to Botox especially if you do the treatment three times a week over the course of a month.

The Details: Dhs550 for a single treatment. Packages start from Dhs2,625

cryotherapy, cryo health

Left to Right: The cryochamber and the futuristic hallway at Cryo Health