As worldwide clinical trials are still ongoing for a variety of vaccines which are yet to receive approval from their respective authorities, this specific vaccine led to lip or facial swelling during its trial for three participants with dermal fillers.

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According to the FDA, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, which was specifically authorized for emergency use in the USA on December 18, may cause some side effects for those with facial fillers.

During the phase 3 trial, this rare side effect was reported by one 51-year-old female and one 46-year old female who had their fillers injected two weeks before and six months before getting the vaccine respectively.

Besides the rare side effect showing up, the swelling in all the three cases reported by the FDA either resolved itself or was localized with a simple treatment. The inflammatory reaction is caused as a response to the filler being a foreign body as described by specialists.

However, the swelling doesn’t appear to have been reported with the Pfizer vaccine, despite these side effects being rare and easily treatable.

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