With the rising COVID-19 cases in the UAE, there have been more restrictions imposed throughout the country as everyone’s safety is of utmost priority.

However, some of the restrictions vary from emirate to emirate. In order to be as aware as possible, here’s your guide to the current restrictions in place across all of the seven emirates.

Abu Dhabi

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It was announced by the Abu Dhabi Emergency, Crisis and Disasters Committee on February 7, parties and gatherings are prohibited. Meanwhile, the number of people at marriage ceremonies has been limited to 10 and a maximum of 20 people can attend funerals and mourning services.

The maximum capacity of malls in the UAE’s capital is capped at 40 per cent and gyms are now limited to 50 per cent capacity.

As for restaurants and cafes, the maximum capacity they can run at is 60 per cent, with all of the required social distancing guidelines in place.

Meanwhile, cinemas have also been ordered to close completely.



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Malls can only operate at a maximum of 70 per cent capacity with live entertainment in venues suspended a couple of weeks ago. Music is allowed in hotels and restaurants but only to a limited level, restricting it to 70 decibels of instrumental-only.

All Dubai brunches have been cancelled as stated in a circular issued by Dubai Tourism, until end of February with malls operating at a maximum of 70 per cent and bars and pubs are to be remained closed until the end of February.

Hotels are to operate at 70 per cent capacity, with new bookings to comply with the capacity limit. Meanwhile, swimming pools and private beaches in hotels to be limited to a 70 per cent capacity. Meanwhile, indoor seated venues including cinemas, entertainment venues and sports venues can now only operate at 50 per cent.

Tougher penalties regarding any violations will also be imposed for deliberately disregarding the preventive measures.

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The Department of Suburbs and Villages Affairs in Sharjah announced an updated set of precautionary measures, with a maximum of 20 people at gatherings with a minimum distance of four metres.

As for public spaces, caps on capacities have been implemented. Cinemas cannot exceed 50 per cent capacity; malls have to operate at 60 per cent capacity; gyms must not exceed 50 per cent capacity; and restaurants cannot have more than four people per table and tables must be two metres a part.



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With new rules announced by Ajman’s Department of Economic Development (DED) cafes, restaurants and snack shops are required to close by 12am each day with a capacity of 50 per cent only. Weddings and social events are capped at 50 people.

Ajman Police have also issued a warning to residents informing them that failure to comply with the rules will lead to heavy penalties being imposed, including a penalty of Dhs10,000 for a fine to the organiser with gatherings of more than 20 people.

Ras Al Khaimah

Cinemas, events venues and gyms can operate at a  maximum of 50 per cent capacity with malls reduced to 60 per cent. Any gatherings, including marriages, are allowed to have a maximum of 10 guests as imposed by the RAK Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Team.

Beaches and public parks are reduced to 70 per cent capacity. Restaurants must have a minimum distance of two metres between tables and no more than four people are allowed to sit together, unless it’s the same family.

Umm Al Quwain

The Umm Al Quwain police announced on their official Instagram account that the authorities have identified certain areas in the emirate where people tend to gather with the need to strictly implement the necessary social distancing and safety measures at all event making a crackdown on any social gatherings to curb the spread


The Local Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management team of the Emirate of Fujairah last announced the reintroduction of shisha services, with no update on the preventive and precautionary measures to prevent the COVID-19 measures.

People in all emirates have been advised to avoid greeting each other by way of any physical contact, with facemasks needed to be worn at all times, while implementing the necessary health and safety measures as there are enough provisions for sanitisation available.

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