This proposed new option could revolutionise the world of online shopping…

From flying taxis to the Hyperloop, Dubai’s full of upcoming inventions that have us questioning whether we live in 2017 or 3017.

And the latest futuristic announcement is no exception.

The city could soon see deliveries made via drone thanks to a newly formed company, creating an option which could totally change the face of shopping in the UAE

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The concept is the brainchild of Dubai-based technology group Eniverse Technologies and US drone company Skycart, which have teamed up to create a company called Space Autonomous Drones.

The plan is for the self-flying contraptions to drop packages 5 kilograms and under right at customers’ addresses (so you might have to just rein in that new season update just a touch. But hurrah, no more calls from delivery companies saying they’re stuck in traffic as you sit, impatiently twiddling your fingers).

What’s more, deliveries would happen 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, according to reports.

The only downside? The concept isn’t yet set in stone, as it’s still awaiting approval from the UAE government.

Space Autonomous Drones is looking to partner with UAE business, so if this gets the green light, you could see everything from new shoes to a piping-hot pizza landing on your doorstep.

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The service won’t initially launch across the whole city –  at first, it’ll operate in select Dubai suburbs including Emirates Hills, The Meadows, The Springs, The Greens, Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim.

If all goes well, the drones could be starting their sky-high dropoffs between 2018 and 2019.

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Images: Screengrab/YouTube