Used specifically for performing plastic surgery by filling specific parts of the body, cosmetic product Eikonha Body Filler 10, 20ml which was manufactured by AK Pharma, Inc has been removed as a medicinal product by The Ministry of Health and Prevention in the UAE.


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Per Al Bayan, a circular issued by the ministry has stated the product has been registered in the Drug Administration.

However, later on, the aforementioned filler used for cosmetics services was withdrawn as manufacturers have addressed their concerns regarding the product leading it to be removed from public and private health sectors.

Healthcare practitioners also shared concerns about false information regarding where the product was manufactured, thereby violating the law. 

Any side effects of the product need to be mentioned by the product users via the UAE RADR Smart app, as all pharmacies have also stopped dispensing the filler as it’s all returned to the supplier. With all pharmacies putting a hold on its dispensing, the Eikonha Body Filler is to be returned to its supplier.

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