Love conquers all

With coronavirus putting many people into lockdown across the globe, it seems like the whole of 2020 has been put on hold.

For many couples, that heartbreakingly includes their weddings they most likely would have spent years planning.

However, some couples aren’t letting the global pandemic stop them, which has seen an emergence of a wedding trend we never thought we’d see – getting married over video call.

Well, a couple from India recently decided to just that.

Merchant navy office, Preet Singh, who is from Mumbai, and Neet Kaura, who based in New Dehli, met online over a year ago. Ironically their romance has come full circle online, as they conducted their wedding ceremony over a Zoom call.

Given the current three-week lockdown, the couple were unable to marry at a Gurudwara, which is part of their Sikh tradition, Indian television station NDTV reported.

As an alternative, the pair invited 50 family and friends to watch them marry over video call.

The groom told the television station they decided to go ahead with their original wedding date, as due to his line of work it wasn’t possible to postpone.

“In a few months, once things start to improve, I will have to return to work, which ruled out the possibility of postponing the wedding,” he said. “We wanted to stick to our date of April 4.

“So we decided to just go ahead with the plan and also, I wanted to set an example of social distancing in times of a lockdown.”

British couple Ben Jackson, 25, and Sophie Austin, 26, did the same at the end of March. They were due to have 200 people watch them exchange their vows on Saturday, March 28, but COVID-19 put their plans to a halt.

However, they got their guests together on Zoom, as well as their pastor and they wed over video chat.

Even in times of hardship, love really does conquer all.

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Feature Image: Esposa Instagram