One of the top pieces of advice being given amidst the coronavirus pandemic is to wash your hands regularly, or if you don’t have access to soap and water use hand santiniser.

On the official UAE coronavirus website, the advice given is to “wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds”.

Well, getting kids to understand the importance of that – and perhaps even some adults – can be difficult without a visual aid.

Not to worry though, one clever teacher has come up with a genius hack to showcase the importance of using soap to children.

With the use of pepper, water, soap and a plastic plate Amanda Lorenzo from Miami, Florida left her pre-kindergarten class stunned with her “trick”.

In the video, the teacher asks one of her students to dip her index finger in the plate of pepper and water. Naturally nothing happened, and the girl’s finger was even coated in pepper – or germs for the purpose of the demonstration.

The girl was then instructed to dip her finger in the soap. As a result when she puts her finger back in the water, the majority of the pepper rebounds away from her.

“Learning about the importance of washing our hands,” Lorenzo said in the caption of the video. “I wish you all could’ve seen how truly shocked they were that the ‘virus’ (pepper) moves away from the soap.”

The hack is so genius, it’s gone viral having received over 500,000 views on Instagram.

Karen Wazen jumps on the pepper trend

Even Dubai-based influencer Karen Wazen has used the trick to teach her son, George, about the importance of washing his hands.

“The soap moves the virus away,” the 33-year-old mum told her amazed son in one of her self-isolation vlogs.

Earlier this week, the Lebanese blogger revealed she was going into self-isolation with her family, and is documenting the process on her Instagram. She confirmed they will be staying put in their Dubai-based home for the next few weeks.

Wazen stressed the the importance of acting “united” during the coronavirus pandemic.

“All of us need to understand the gravity and magnitude if we do not change our lifestyles,” she said.

While she understands not all companies have the option to work from home, and some people need to be out and about, she encouraged everyone to “at least avoid the things you can avoid” like malls and public gatherings.

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