Following strict lockdown measures put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, plans are being put in place in order to reopen malls in Dubai during Ramadan, officials confirmed on Wednesday.

However, a specific date has not yet been confirmed, nor has it been specified if the 24-hour stay home order would be lifted and when.

As and when Dubai malls begin to reopen, there will be stringent rules in place in order to ensure the continued protection of the health of the public.

Shoppers will only be allowed to visit malls for a maximum of three hours and must wear a mask. Mall-goers will also be required to go through health checks at the entrances upon arriving.

Similarly, social distancing practices will also need to be adhered to. People must keep a two metre distance between others at all times, including when at check out desks.

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Age limits will also apply for entry to malls. Children from ages three to 12 and those over 60 will not be permitted to enter malls, and shopping centres will only be able to operate a maximum of 30 per cent capacity.

As for restaurants in malls, they will reportedly be permitted to open but, again, at 30 per cent capacity, and a two metre distance between tables must be adhered to.


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Feature Image: Dubai Mall Instagram