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As the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak continues, the UAE government has been ensuring public health and safety is at the forefront of peoples’ minds.

Over the weekend curfews were implemented every day between 8pm and 6am in order for a nationwide disinfection programme to go underway. Now this curfew has now been extended until April 5, and there are some things all UAE citizens and residents need to be aware of.

It should be noted each night whilst the nationwide sterilisation is taking place in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, public transport will be stopped. As well as that, traffic on roads and streets will be limited. Key workers, such as medical staff, are exempt from this curfew.

In order to ensure the public is adhering to the new rules, speed cameras have been reformatted in order to capture any cars or other vehicles that are on the roads during the allotted curfew hours. Additionally, police are patrolling the roads.


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. Extension of The National Disinfection Programme until April 5 across the #UAE . #StayHome

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If there is a need for anyone to leave the house during the imposed curfew hours, a movement permit must be acquired which can be done by registering online.

If anyone is caught without a permit, you could face a Dhs3,000 fine.

To register for a permit you’ll need to give details as to why you need to leave during the curfew whether it be for food, medicine, a medical appointment and more.

You’ll also need to declare your name, identification, nationality, occupation, car details, the location of where you are going, where you live and when you intend to travel.

For those in Dubai, you can apply for the permit here. And for those in Abu Dhabi, you can apply for the permit here.

Regardless of the curfews put in place, everyone has been advised by the UAE government to stay home no matter what time of day it is in order to contain the spreading of coronavirus.

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