Only travel when necessary

New guidelines have been published by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for those travelling in taxis and on public transport modes such as the Dubai Metro, trams and buses.

These new rules have been put in place in order to contain the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The objective of these measures is to ensure healthy and safe transit services at the highest global standards and enforce social distancing among passengers,” the RTA said in a statement.

Here is a break down of the new precautionary measures being put in place:

  • It is a requirement for all passengers to wear face masks on public transport and in taxis.
  • All passengers travelling in taxis and limousines myst sit in the back and a maximum of two passengers is allowed.
  • If you are running a fever or have any flu symptoms it is advised you do not travel and stay home.
  • When travelling on buses, trams and the Dubai Metro do not sit in the seats marked with an X, adopting an alternate seating policy.
  • If standing on public transport ensure a safe distance is kept between yourself and other passengers. There will be floor stickers to showcases the distance that should be kept.
  • Bus shelters are temporarily closed.

Due to the reduced capacity on public transport services there are to be an increased the number services.

These services will be in effect until 8pm today, but as of this evening all means of public transport will be suspended until Sunday at 6am to undergo sterilisation.

Movements across the UAE will be restricted and people are instructed to stay home unless they work in these sectors: energy, telecommunications, health, education, security, law enforcement, military, postal service, shipping and logistics, medicines, water, food, civil aviation, airports, passports, banking and financial services, government media and the service sectors, including petrol stations and construction, WAM reports.

If you do leave your home, you will be asked provide identification.

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Feature image: Remaami