In the current climate, many of us have had our regular routines interrupted. Our regular schedules of work, gym, seeing friends and going out have been put on hold and we’re spending more time at home now more than ever.

It’ll be easy to fall into a trap where you just end up sitting on the couch all day. However, this is not good for our physical health nor our mental health.

Luckily, many trainers and fitness gurus have come to the rescue offering at-home workouts. This is exactly what Dubai-based trainer and fitness influencer Lilly Sabri is doing and she’s hoping to “help thousands of people” during this period of self-isolation.

Even better, Lilly has been conducting home workouts with minimal equipment for the last three years, so she’s an expert in this field. And luckily for EW readers, Lilly will be sharing her top 10 exercises for the perfect home workout on our Instagram in the coming days.


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Lilly also recently shared with EW how she is dealing with the current situation, as well as some common workout mistakes people make and what made her want to venture to Dubai after being in London for many years.

How are you finding working out in the current climate due to social distancing? Any advice you could share?

It’s a really tough time right now for so many people, and it’s big and scary and complex. I definitely feel these things. But with my fitness, it’s not really been different, as I’ve been doing home workouts for the last three years. All my plans, guides, they’re all home workouts with minimal equipment.

My focus right now is just to help thousands of people around the world through fitness and health, and show them you can get phenomenal results with less time right in your home. Even as all these routines are changing and we’re all processing quite immense shock, I hope that with all of this, we come together.

What are some of the biggest workout mistakes people make?

Form! This is such a big one. Sometimes when people follow badly demonstrated exercises online, especially like what we sometimes see on social media, they can really damage their body. Correct form is the key to having a good workout — and to not hurting yourself.

Second, people thinking they need to spend hours every day to get results, which just isn’t true. You can get great results with home workouts 20 minutes a day, five times a week, with next to no equipment. It’s not intimidating at all.


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What should the main goal for people be when they begin their fitness journeys?

I’d say to make sure you’re getting advice from a professional. Someone you trust, and someone who is targeting a beginner. Jumping into an advanced or intermediate program can lead to injury, since you might not yet know the correct form and positioning. It also means you’re less likely to stick to the workout.

So find a guide for a beginner from a professional. And know you don’t need to go all in. Instead focus on slow and gradual — that’s how you’ll get long-lasting results. Even if it’s just five or 10 minutes a day.

I also strongly recommend real-time workouts where someone is right there with you. That helps you with accountability, motivation, and to make sure your form is right. If you’re doing an exercise correctly for 20 minutes, it can be even more efficient than an hour and a half at a gym with the wrong form.

We have Lean, a beginner guide that’s four weeks long. It’s for every beginner on the planet. Then it gradually gets a little harder every day, so you can feel like you’re progressing towards a lifestyle change of health and happiness.


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What made you want to move out to Dubai?

I visited Dubai a lot over the last 10 years and fell in love with the city. I love the climate and the people. It’s a land of opportunity and it’s somewhere I could see myself for a long time. It’s city life as well as beach life, which is so unusual to find. I love that about Dubai. Plus the history, the culture, the community here, it’s all just really unique and very special. I’m so happy to be based in this city.

What do you find is different between the work out scene here in Dubai than to London?

It’s a lot smaller here in Dubai, so there’s more of a family feel. Pretty much everyone in the fitness industry knows each other. It feels really friendly, community, we’re trying to help each other out. I think that’s really empowering, not just in terms of other people in the industry, but people across sports and classes. They get to meet each other and form incredible community vibes and relationships. It brings more happiness and it feels more empowering.

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