Automatic renewal

A series of new measures surrounding residency visas have been announced by the UAE Cabinet amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Residency visas that expired from March 1 will now be automatically renewed for three months for free, the same goes for Emirates IDs that expired from March 1.

The three-month extension also applies to government services – including documents, permits, licenses and commercial registers – which expired on March 1 will be extended from April 1.

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Similarly, a temporary digital scheme has been launched to enable judicial notarisations and transactions to take place online, minimising the need to leave home.

At present all UAE citizens and residents are being told to stay home and not to leave unless it’s “absolutely necessary” i.e. for medical appointments, groceries or medicine.

There is currently a curfew in place from 8pm until 6am in order for public transport and roads to undergo a nationwide sterilisation programme.

There has now been 611 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UAE, with 61 people having recovered. There has been five fatalities.

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