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Content creator Sai Ferrera talks us through her beauty routine

UAE-based content creator, Sai Ferrera, talks us through her beauty routine.

Talk us through your morning routine.

I wash my face with water without any soap because I still have my moisturizer from the night before and natural oil produced by my skin which is healthy. I use a silk pillowcase cover to protect the skin while I sleep. If I’m working from home, I use Foto Ultra 100 isdin SPF 50 sunscreen or Sunsense SPF 50 because that means I won’t be wearing makeup. However, if I’m working in the office or heading out for meetings, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Invisible UV Flawless Poreless Primer with SPF 50. Makeup primer is crucial; contrary to popular belief that it’s just added expense, primer allows your makeup to stick on better and therefore last longer so you won’t have to keep retouching. When going to the beach or the pool, I struggle with skin pigmentation and still want to look my best, so I use Heliocare’s compact oil-free SPF50 foundation.

And does your evening beauty routine differ?

In the evening, I use Bioderma makeup remover; then I use a toner (I’ll be honest, I don’t stick to one brand), and then I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic cream or occasionally add serums, unlike in my 20s, my skin is less sensitive. I don’t get spots quickly anymore, so I play around with serums and beauty products such as Dior, Ole Henriksen, Nuxe, Chanel, The Ordinary, L’Occitane and so on. What’s consistent, however, is Retinol which breaks down into retinoic acid upon contact with the skin, which helps increase the cell turnover and boosts collagen production, and I use the one by La Roche-Posay.

What are your go-to skincare products?

Foto Ultra 100 ISDIN SPF 50 sunscreen, Sunsense SPF 50, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, and La Roche-Posay Retinol.


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Are you a fan of masks?

I love them. I may have to explore more to know which ones truly work.

How would you describe your approach to makeup?

I started having acne at 13 until I was in my late 20’s caused by hormones. Makeup somehow helped me get through my teenage years with less ‘shame’ as it enabled me to conceal my insecurities. To this day, I’m grateful makeup exists.

What can always be found in your makeup bag?

Sunscreen, Mineral powder/foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner.

What fragrance is your go-to at the moment?

I love Chloe Nomade and Pure Musc by Narciso Rodriguez; I use them alternately depending on my mood.

Talk us through your hair routine.

I colour my hair, and I do a full head of highlights every six months, which dries out the hair. I use Aveda shampoo and conditioner daily; I used Loreal Magnesium Silver shampoo to tone the highlights three times a week to avoid the colour turning orange but an ashier or cooler tone instead. In addition, I use an Aveda hair masque once a week. And I do root colour every one and half months. My hair grows and turns into an ombre as it grows, so I don’t have to do a full hair colour all the time. It saves me money and keeps my locks healthy.

What is the most unusual item in your makeup bag?

I think it’s Heliocare’s compact oil-free SPF50 foundation.

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