She’s a photographer, a content creator and a mother of two young girls, time management is always a priority for Muzi Sufi.

In a detailed chat with Emirates Woman, the multi-hyphenate shares her tried and tested tips and tricks to pack light for vacation and how to create that effortless less-is-more vibe.

The Prep Work

Content creator Muzi Sufi, approaches packing with precision. “Pre-planning holiday looks saves me so much time when I travel. To be able to pick out an outfit that I’ve thought about beforehand and packed together really takes the stress out of dressing while I’m away.”


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The Luggage

Your choice of suitcase is key when packing. Divide shoes, accessories and toiletries into one side of your packing and leave the other for lying pieces flat to ensure minimal need for steaming when you reach your destination. Opt for a hard-shell suitcase with a 360-spin. Make sure it’s lightweight, leaving more weight for your belongings. Check for storage, expandability, compartments, and security codes that pass the TSA regulations.

The Colour Palette

Selecting a colour palette that suits the location you’re traveling to ensures you can also pack less pieces that all work back to each other. “I love neutrals, so I try to pick pieces that could be worn with a few different looks, but if I want to carry statement pieces, I’ll make sure they complement at least two of my other outfits,” adds Muzi.


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The Minimalist

Accessories wise, a great tote or beach bag for day (depending on whether you’re beach, or city bound) and a clutch for evening are all you need. Footwear can take up a lot of space in your travel luggage, try and limit yourself to a few pairs that are multipurpose. “Shoes are tough to narrow down for me, but I always believe you need one very good walking shoe, one flat sandal, and a light and dark option for a heel to go out with.” When it comes to toiletries, transferring your essential skin and body care products into travel-sized containers is a great option, most already also have travel sized versions. Select a fragrance for the trip – you don’t need to overpack on these, define the vibe you’re going for and stick to it – the same goes for make-up.

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