Drama classes, as the students from Dubai’s Hayley’s Comet can attest to, can help build self-assurance in kids in the most incredible ways. Here’s why you should maybe consider enrolling your child…If your nipper is reserved or lacking in confidence, Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company could be just the ticket.  As Hayley explains: “A child does not have to be loud, over-confident or an extrovert to enjoy drama and all its qualities. Actually, many of the world’s greatest actors are quite reserved characters. It does, however, teach children, in fun and exciting ways, how to speak confidently in front of people, how to be articulate, how to expand their imaginations and how to be a quick thinker. All of these skills boost confidence, whether it be on the stage or simply in everyday life. For children who are already confident, these skills can be taught to control their confidence and use this confidence effectively.”

But don’t just take her word for it. A handful of Hayley’s stars tell Emirates Woman why they’re such huge fans of the classes and how they’ve helped to transform each and every one of their lives.

Confidence Boosters For Kids

Left to right: Maria and Daisy

MARIA SOSA DEL VALLE, AGE SIX: “When we performed at Madinat Theatre it felt like I was a rock star.”

DAISY DUNNE AGE 11: “I like drama because you get to be ‘other people’ and it’s creative and great fun. I love the shows at the end of the year because I have a goal to work towards.”

Confidence Boosters For Kids

Left to right: Alizee and Jennine

ALIZEE SCHAKAL, AGE 16: “Hayley’s Comet is like a second family to me, the people I met there are probably the ones that I will always have in my life.”

JENNINE AL KHATIB, AGE 15: “I wait impatiently for my Wednesday class, it is the highlight of my week. Hayley has helped boost my self-esteem and confidence.”

Confidence Boosters For Kids

Left to right: Jean and Karim

JEAN DE GARRIGUES, AGE 12: “I’ve had a lot of fun during the classes.”

KARIM TARAZI, AGE 10: “It’s creative, original and every show is unique!”

Confidence Boosters For Kids

Left to right: Hannah, Lily and Darcy

HANNAH SINCLAIR, AGE NINE: “Performing and drama makes me feel free and alive and it gives me confidence.”

LILY-ROSE BROOKS, AGE 10: “I’ve learned how to be confident, to always try your hardest no matter what part you get and to never give up on your dreams!”

DARCY CARGILL, AGE EIGHT: ‘I love all the kind and helpful people that you make friends with at the lessons.          I adore all the songs that we sing and the costumes that we wear.”

Hayley’s Comet Theatre Company runs classes at James & Alex Dance Studios. For more information call (055) 1040538 or visit

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