Did you know that 80% of your child’s brain cells develop between 6months to 6 years? Future Kids Accelerated Learning Centre is the first whole brain training program in the UAE designed to maximise your child’s potential and develop their IQ and EQ during this period. The next term begins in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on January 5, 2014 to April 10, 2014.

Some of the main aim of the classes is to help your child:

  •   Enhance sensorial and critical thinking skills
  •   Develop photographic memory and recall skills
  •   Develop a  love for learning
  •   Develop confidence and strengthens the bonds  between children and their parents
  •   Develop children who delight in using all five senses
  •   Foster creativity, intuition and confidence
  •   Lay the foundations for early reading, writing and  numeracy skills 

We have teamed up with them to offer one free term of classes to one lucky reader.

Learn more about Future Kids here or here. You can also call (056) 7085658.

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