It’s true, You can never have too many handbags, especially when they boast nine decades of wow…

To celebrate its 90th birthday, Furla has launched a capsule collection of nine interchangeable bag flaps to go with their special Metropolis bag, under the imaginative eye of creative director Fabio Fusi.

Each of the nine cele-bratory flaps is inspired by nine decades of music – one for every 10 years of Furla’s history. The anniversary bag flaps invoke a musical theme of each era.

1920: the musical revolution of the Charleston inprires a velvet pochette bag with metallic mesh and rhinestones.

1930: the Jazz Age. Fur and chamois give life to the nocturnal beauty of this decade.

1940: swing music, absolute joy and new beginnings. Printed tassels and polka dots evoke that freewheelin’ spirit.

1950: the rock’n’roll decade and colorful jukeboxes are injected into a quilted topbox bag reminiscent of the car seats from that era.

1960: inspired by the Beatles and a time where record players were the ordre du jour.

1970: lights, disco-ball and glitter at Studio 54 create this decade’s offering.

1980: safety pins and Anarchy studded jackets inspired this punk-era style.

1990: the surge of hip-hop and bling-bling are translated into an aesthetic of leather and neoprene, with a large number “90”, just like a football player’s jersey.

2000: the years of techno music and hi-tech gadgets. Japanese manga and sci-fi aesthetics take the form of metal and glitter, and elegant floral-robotic motifs for the backpack bags.

The Prize: We are giving one lucky winner a Furla Metropolis bag with not one, but four special decade anniversary flaps

The range will be available at Furla stores across the UAE from May  2017.



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