Whether you’re a Bollywood movie fan or not, you’ll enjoy being a part of ALL THE ACTION AT Bollywood Parks Dubai

Experience the thrill of being on a Bollywood movie set as you walk through themed attractions and rides spread across five zones – Bollywood Boulevard, Mumbai Chowk, Rustic Ravine, Royal Plaza and Bollywood Film Studios.

From street shows to Bollywood dance sequences, which will have you humming along to catchy numbers from the movie Rock On or swaying to the Senorita song remix from Zindagi Na Mile Dobara and many more, the excitement doesn’t stop there. You can experience a 3D and 4D multisensory encounter between villian Ra One and hero G One and fly across famous Indian landmarks as you help Krrish fight off the bad guys.

There are plenty of live shows across six stages to enjoy such as Crossroads and Mumbai Express – and don’t forget to follow your nose and dig into mouthwatering film-inspired fare at any of eight delicious food outlets.

The prize: Four annual passes to four winners

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