Two years ago, if you were to have asked someone what type of vaccine they had it’s more likely than not you would have been met with some strange stares.

While the pandemic has most certainly changed many aspects of our daily lives, the language and phrases we use in everyday conversation has also changed drastically.

From the use of words like “lockdown” and “quarantine”, to phrases like “please maintain social distancing”, there’s terms we use in 2021 that we wouldn’t have even thought of in 2019.

Work from home

As offices were should down globally in March 2021 to curb the spread of COVID-19, ‘work from home’ or ‘WFH’ became quite the norm to use – especially as remote working became prolonged for many. With several industries offering the opportunity to work remotely millions of people around the world said bye to their onerous commute to work, as they saved time by being in the comfort of their home, even though it was with the lack of any sort of social interaction.

Which vaccine have you got?



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As COVID-19 vaccines seem to be the ticket out of lockdowns and making travel easier, a main topic of conversation has been which type of jab an individual has received. Moderna, Sinopharm, Pfizer, AstraZeneca or Johnson&Johnson – never as a society have we discussed types of vaccines so in-depth.

Negative has never been so positive

In order to identify and keep track of COVID-19 numbers, mass testing has been a strategy for many countries. Awaiting the result is sometimes agonising – particularly if it’s just before a holiday – and we’re always hoping for a negative result otherwise, it entails a self-isolation period of 10 to 14 days.

 Virtual happy hour

Happy Hour

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The only happy hour pre-pandemic ever known involved physically being present in a bar or a restaurant. However, with closed borders and loved ones being separated miles away due to lockdowns, catch up with your friends became the only available option through virtual video conferencing options to reunite with a drink either at the end of the workday or during the weekend. With Zoom or Google Hangouts becoming the most popular applications, a virtual happy hour was surely on everyone’s list of must-do things when enclosed between four walls, be it a drink or simply a cup of tea.

Nice to e-meet you

While meeting new people in person might be quite the task, virtual introductions have become a part of the new norm, with the phrase commonly being used. Introducing yourself via various chat applications or more commonly through emails, the electronic way of meeting new people might just become the usual method of interaction in everyday life until things settle.

Please maintain social distance

Social Distancing

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With a mandatory social distance of two metres required at almost every public venue, ensuring that the distance is maintained is of utmost importance with people around commonly using the phrase to ensure all the public protocols have been adhered to amid the pandemic.

Have you got your mask?

With the must-have accessory being mandatory for everyone, forgetting to leave the house without a mask is a common problem and almost anyone before leaving asks or is asked the question ‘Have you got your mask?’ making it a part of everyday lingo as we continue to adapt to a new lifestyle.

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