We’ve got a crush, a Coco Crush to be exact, on the new fine jewellery collection by Chanel, which is making history by being the first collection of the brand to be available online, as well as in stores. For the first time ever, French luxury brand Chanel has entered the world of e-commerce by partnering with online retailer net-a-porter.com to sell its latest collection, Coco Crush, from April 15.

Taking inspiring from the matelasse stitching that is synonymous with the brand  – that’s quilted pattern to you and me – Coco Crush is a new fine jewellery range in 18-carat white and yellow gold that perfectly compliments all Chanel accessories. Finely engraved, the quilted pattern gives birth to a collection of five rings and a cuff-bracelet with generous and feminine lines.

A Chanel spokesperson says of the stunning range: “The radical and resolutely contemporary spirit of the Coco Crush collection expresses all the values of modernity and refinement that have distinguished  Chanel fine jewellery since its origins.”

Not only is the collection modern by design but it is also ground-breaking for the brand as it becomes the first Chanel collection to be available to buy online. “We are thrilled that Chanel has decided to work with net-a-porter.com on this exclusive initiative,” commented Alison Loehnis, President of net-a-porter.com. “Chanel is a brand that we admire greatly and we are incredibly honoured and proud to partner with them on their first ever fine jewellery e-commerce project.”

As ever, to promote the versatile collection, Chanel released a promotional video showcasing the pieces in all their glory. Our summer crush is complete.

The collection is available in Chanel boutiques and net-a-porter.com.