Masha Nikdar

Inside the wardrobes and homes of the region’s most respected trendsetters and tastemakers, today we explore the home of Masha Nikdar, accessories buyer at Saks Fifth Avenue Dubai  & Bahrain.

Residing on the 55th floor of the luxurious Rolex Tower residences, our expectations of Masha Nikdar were understandably (and literally) high. With the tantalising scent of burning Diptyque candles filling the apartment, our eyes flicked from the incredible view to the modern, ultra-glossy furnishings. The entire space, from the closet to her kitchen, oozes effortless elegance – much like Mahsa herself.

My Beauty Secret: Less is more. A hint of blush, mascara and BB cream is my daily routine. I add a dash of Tom Ford perfume and I am out of the door.

Bargain Hunter: I count down the days for the sale to start, constantly waiting and refreshing my screen! Being a fashion and luxury lover, I really have no choice….

Masha Nikdar

Masha Nikdar

Style Icons: I recently met Carine Roitfeld on a trip to New York, which was a dream come true. If I could trade closets with anyone in the world it would be her!

Treasured Pieces: I adore my jewellery collection that I’ve inherited from my mother and grandmother. Behind every piece is a special story and a lot of a love.

Shop Stop: Saks Fifth Avenue is a must for my seasonal staples, which I then mix in with my high street favourites, COS and Topshop.

Uniform Of Choice: My personal style is eclectic but I’m most comfortable in an oversized T-shirt, tailored jacket and skinny jeans. I always say that makes a woman stand out isn’t how much skin she bares, but her own personal style and confidence.

Masha Nikdar

My Wardrobe: When it comes to closet organisation I am far from a hoarder, keeping only pieces I absolutely love. Excellent investment pieces (like a bag or a trench coat) will stand the test of time far more than passing trends.

Photographed by Farooq Salik